My Life

SO IT’S OFFICIAL!! …. Redding, California

Redding California in January with the Church family<3 This is going to be about the best vacation ever!

Places to go:

  • Bethel church, the place where amazing radical manifestations of Gods glory is so evident!!
  • San Francisco? (;
  • Hiking in the snowy mountains
  • and where ever else we end up!

After like 2 months of planning we finally figured everything out. The girls are going together, there is about eight of us, then our guys are going by their-selves  and possibly Gracecity church too. Then we’re all going to meet in Redding, California. This is going to be such a great bonding time for the two churches, our girls, and the boys. I can’t wait this quality time is needed so badly! God has blessed us girls so much, if it wasn’t for my spiritual sister’s, spiritual mother this would be such a hard trip to plan. She’s given us a place to stay for free and food to eat.  God is so good. This is going to be a time to always remember (:


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