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Update… (OLD)

Lately I’ve been going through the motions. God is revealing so much to me and my brothers and sisters in Christ over the past few weeks it’s leaving me confused. My mentor and best friend recently went on a trip that she ended up on totally by coincidence and God spoke to her tremendously. Because of what we are all going though (the young adult leaders) I feel as if God is going to speak to us all soon the way he spoke to her. It’s a matter of praying about it and keeping our hearts right through the hard times. God is about to do something big! I can feel it. With everything that he’s been showing me with Sanctified (which we’re going to have again this coming Febuary) and with our church and Las Vegas. I feel as if things as only so confusing because God is working and doing something incredible in the spiritual. I recently watch a old Bill Johnson video “I Am Looking For One Person” from Jesus Culture 2006 and God spoke so much into my life through that. He’s about to do a shift and I believe he wants to know if I’m ready for it. This is my first year in ministry, I completely laid down everything for Christ last October and looking back from this year, I see how much has changed. According to almost everyone I’m in ministry with said that the things that I’m doing this year usually doesn’t happen to people within their first year of being saved and being in ministry. It kind of scares me a little because it makes me think…. God what are you up to? The things that he wants for me and for his kingdom I want as well but I’m learning it takes hard work. “God will provide the things you need but you have to go after the things you want” and I truly believe that. The bible says “you reap what you sow” therefore, if I sow hard work and dedication, what I reap will reflect that. I’m still learning what hard work even looks like so it might take me a while to get there. The other day us young adult leaders were talking about Aimee Simple McPherson, the founder of our Foursquare denomination  The things that she went through it makes me wonder, how people truly feel about a woman being exalted in leadership. There is still so many opinions about women in the church and wanting to lead. I truly don’t believe God cares about gender per se He wants people who are going to listen to and obey him, everyone has callings on their live rather female or male, God has put us all here on earth for a reason.

After all the talk and the commotion on Aimee Semple McPherson I decided to read her book. She did  such incredible things for the kingdom of God and after googling her I realized that her image was trashed. It’s so ridiculous how our society trash peoples names after their dead, so they can’t stick up for themselves. I think it’s going to be interesting reading this, I personally adore women who go after God and his kingdom full force not caring what other people say. Look at Mary Magdalene for an example, she went after Jesus not caring about the anti-Christ laws around her or the restrictions on women, I’d say in a sense Aimee is just like Mary, and anytime you have that spirit of boldness, there is going to be controversy. Plus, the bigger the anointing the bigger the blessing, the bigger the blessing the bigger the responsibility, the bigger the responsibility the bigger the gossip. I’m excited to read this. With my schedule it’s always so hard for me to sit down and read but I want to take the time to read this. I feel like God has been telling me to, this book has been on my mind constantly the past 4 days. I think reading about her life is going to open my eyes to a different perspective.


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