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BETHEL! (Redding, Cali)

We (the college group) went to Redding California in January. It was so incredible, I was needing that trip so much! First off our drive was interesting, a whole bunch of young adults traveling 12 hours, bad idea! We got turned around a little bit, but thank God I wasn’t driving! The week was so good, the first thing we did when we got there was food. We went to Logans and there was a guys named Brandon who was attending BSSM. Totally a God thing, we continued seeing him throughout the trip and by the end of the trip he and another BSSM student prayed and prophesied over our whole group. We were staying in Judith’s spiritual mom Jackie’s home in Shasta. Once we got to the house we explored and picked our bedrooms. I got my own room (:

The day after we went grocery shopping and visited Bethel, we sat in on one of the BSSM classes. I liked it one of the girls there showed us her homework, and I was amazed at how complex it was for bible school. The next day we spent time with Jackie and went on a walk. The area was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. If I could live in Northern California, I would! It reminded me so much of Ohio (where I’m from). We took so many pictures. Once Jesus Culture Encounter came, it was all over JC dominated the week. There we met Justin who had cerebral palsy. It caused him to have brain disfunction’s and walk with disabled legs. We prayed for him that week and by the end of the trip he was running! Who said God doesn’t heal! (; We continued to keep in contact with him after the trip and he updated us on his body, which is continuing to get better day by day. Jesus Culture Encounter was good. Our God is a personal God, so he spoke to each of us individually about our lives. I have to say my favorite part of Bethel believe it or not had to be the prayer chapel.

We all left Redding, California changed. God removed so many veils that week, there is no doubt that I came back stronger.


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