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June 21, 2013

Four days til my 20th Birthday!!!! 

Okay, update time. A lot has changed since my last blog….


It’s summer!! It has been for a while, we got out May 18th. Since the summer started I’ve been non-stop busy. This week is the first week I’ve had that has been calm, so of course I’ve been resting. BECAUSE! about two weeks after summer started I got an amazing offer to dance for this incredible artist named Tamar Ettun, from Israel (and if any of you didn’t know yes, I’m a dancer, I go to UNLV for dance).

Rachel and I at Tamar's Studio working in the Cosmopolitan

Rachel and I at Tamar’s Studio working in the Cosmopolitan

She needed two dancers for P3 studio at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. We had two performances one at First Friday and the other at P3 on June 15th. It was incredible, when I signed up for it I didn’t think I was going to like it as much as I did! but God totally ministered to me about dance through her. It was my first paid performance, so I can officially get my resume started (;. Rachel and I (the other dancer) got a lot closer too. We both go to UNLV and are both in the dance department, but we never really talked, which is surprising because the dance department is just like one giant sorority. Words can’t describe how pleased I was with the way things turned out. A lot of people who saw the performance didn’t really understand it, but it’s art you know! I wouldn’t trade my first professional gig for any other one! I learned so much! Judith came back from her internship, 6 months flew by! (Judith is my mentor, she went to a 6 month internship in California, totally a God thing! Then came back totally on fire, in the mean time she let me borrow her car and was a total blessing to me<3) She’s even stronger in the Lord now! she walking and talking like one of the apostles from the book of Acts. I love it! It’s so inspiring to me. Alexa, Kayla, and Albert left for Africa last friday on a missions trip (other ‘family members’ of mine that go to my church, we’re all like one big family! You’ll get to know each of them). I am so proud of them, there was a huge group of us going.. Me, Judith, Michaela, Matt P, Shawn, Fatima, Kyle… the list goes on and on! but they were the only ones who went. I call them Peter, John and James (; I definitely know they’re going to come back with incredible stories! I am so excited for them. I ended up not going because I prayed about it and God told me no! he has other plans for me (; hence the WiLDER! Institute and outreach. Wilder Institute Poster I leave July 14th – August 14th. The Institute is like a boot camp dedicated to creating prayer furnaces on College campuses, in young adult ministries, and wherever we happen to be… pretty much! I am excited because of how intense it’s going to be and it’ll just be Jesus and Me traveling together! I am so use to traveling with my family or someone familiar and I know that there is healing in trusting Christ and concentration and I am sooo ready for it! Then! after the Institute (July 14th-July 27th) I leave for the Outreach that’s in North Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East! I am of course excited for that too! instead of just one location, God is sending me to 3. This will be intense because we’ll (me and whoever else is in the program) will meet with the ACTS missionaries (from IHOP-KC, the LUKE18 Project). They’re young adults who have dedicated their lives (meaning dropped out of school or whatever they were doing) to travel the world and preach Jesus Christ and him crucified in the deepest darkest locations. I am soo waiting for this! I went to mexico last fall on a missions trip and it didn’t satisfy me! I want to be in the deepest darkest places because that’s where the light is needed you know! I know God has incredible plans for me in this season of my life and I can’t wait for it to get started. I only have 3,000 more dollars to raise. I know God is going to provide. I started support raising the beginning of June and I was blessed with a generous donation of $1,000. GOD IS GOOD! (:


Those of you who follow my other blog Evangelist Ministry know that I have an Evangelist Ministry, that God does incredible things at. Check it out sometime! I can tell you the Holy Spirit moves! But because of last semester at school I had to shorten it to the 3rd Wednesday of the month instead of every Wednesday night.  It hasn’t been as fruitful since that days changed meaning, it’s been only me in the room on those Wednesday nights, but it because of lack of prayer. I know that Evangelist is going to be transformed. Something we’re working on is connecting all of the ministries in some way because they all have something in common and create this new element of unity. Something Jesus prayed in John 17:20-23 is that we’ll all be one, not for the sake of us or Him but for the sake of the world to know how much God the Father loves them. We’re bring Heaven to earth and that entales unity! Even with Sanctified we’re working to combine all ministries together. For Sanctified, I don’t just want churches coming together, but I want the body individually, hearts, ministries, dreams, visions, all of the above! I believe God’s heart is for Sanctified! He birthed it and blessed me by allowing me to be apart of it! So I’m excited to see what he is going to do. If you don’t know what Evangelist and Sanctified are check out my “Ministries” Page for details. Conquerors’s Thursday group is coming along great too we moved into the Sanctuary. We use to be in a smaller room called “the Living Room” but we out grew it. After we came back from Bethel in Redding, California a whole new chapter of college group opened up. For the leaders, the body, the atmosphere, the direction and everything else that’s involved. Our Pastor has a prophetic work for our church that a new movement is going to arise and it’s going to be led by the young adults and I definitely can see it coming!


Although it’s summer I have a few updates from the last semester. The other dancers and I have gotten a lot more close. It was my first semester taking technique classes (Ballet, Modern, Jazz), seeing that I didn’t take any the first semester I was there, which was STUPID. I learned so much! and grew a lot! This coming semester I’ll be in level two classes, each semester we have juries (like a dance final) where we have to appear in front of the faculty and perform a piece our teachers taught us. Last semester was my first time doing that and it was the most nerve racking thing I’ve ever experienced. Especially considering I had to perform my jazz piece alone, when you usually perform with another person. I would definitely say that last semester I gained confidence in my dance (confidence NOT pride… they’re different). This semester I’m working more on my Business degree too (I’m a Business and Dance major). I have been lacking but considering I can’t take any academic dance classes until Spring or my Junior I decided why not start working on my business classes, I have a lot of them to take. This new semester is definitely going to be adventuress, but I’m shooting for all A’s and to be able to perform in next semester’s dance concert (; .


God is moving in all areas of my life. He has plans and is working I can feel it (: the bible says he’s ALWAYS working in the spiritual for our benefit.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you,

plans to give you a hope and a future.”

– Jeremiah 29:11


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