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God is really moving the heart of our congregation… The bible talks about respecting your elders, and your leaders because they’ve been placed there by God<3 What I saw today was such breakthrough, through us (young adults) respecting our leaders and the Elders response to our pitch is pure evidence of the movement of Gods spirit through the church, because the Elders represent the congregation, you know! Oasis HOP (House of Prayer) and Sanctified will be incredible. I am beyond excited. Hearing Judiths pitch to the HOP brought much comfort. We have always had people who have had a heart for prayer, but nothing like this. I do believe there will be much blessing and breakthrough through the HOP. God is clear in 2 Chronicles 7:14-16 “If my people who are called by my name… PRAY”. God is so good! This HOP will bridge all gaps in between ages, ministries and people. I’m especially excited for Sanctified. One issue I’ve had with Sanctified and Evangelist is having a foundation for them. One thing I really prayed for with Sanctified is the hearts of the people God wanted to involve and someone to come along side of me and he has definitely answered those prayers. One thing that was extremely encouraging with the Elders meeting is their response, they said we (Judith and I) had such maturity in the way we approach what God has entrusted us with. Which is encouraging, because our goal is zealousness with wisdom. The direction we’re going in is good! There isn’t anyone else I’d rather partner with than Judith. She has come such a long way and I am proud to call her my mentor! I can learn and have learned so much from her. Thank God for grace, mercy, discipleship and the body of Christ.


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