…. what more can I say? God is planning something big! Judith and I had our meeting yesterday and each time we plan we get more and more excited for this. Gods heart is to see a generation rise up that is hungry and thirsty for everything involving him, including prayer. i do believe out of this we’re going to see some devoted prayer warriors arise! I have to admit I struggle with prayer. I know I should do it, but I need guidance (which is partly why I am so excited for WiLDER) but the best way to learn to pray is to just DO IT! This (Sanctified) will help with that, and bring unity as a bonus. I’m excited also, because this is going to access a completely different side of Gods heart. Just like he says in 2 chronicles 7:14-16 Will come to pass, if we pray and fast and worship him. This is going to be huge, so so huge, something we can pass on to the later generations to help aid the continuous movement of revival.


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