TV Shows

Once Upon A Time……

So, there is this new TV show… well it’s new to me. It’s called Once Upon A Time and it’s about the lives of all of the fairytale creatures in the fairytale world, who have been cursed by the Evil Queen from Snow White. I know this sounds crazy! but it is incredible. The story plot and the way this show is thought out is pure genius. I’m usually not the one to cling onto TV shows but I really like this one. I’m into shows like Pretty Little Liars and mystery shows, so this interests me. I have to admit it’s hard to find a good show that has no swearing, doesn’t go too far sexually and has a decent story line. At the rate the writers are going I’d have to say they can continue this at a good pace. I recommend anyone who is into story book tales or even if you’re not, to check out the trailer (:


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