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Wilder Outreach

The Wilder Institute and Outreach is a program connected to Kansas City’s International House of Prayer, through the Luke18 Project. You know “…always pray and not give up” (Luke 18:1). There was an outreach section connected to it in Northern Africa, I was fine going on it, but the Lord objected; and I am completely okay with it. Here’s the story…I prayed about the Wilder Institute but not the Outreach. When I first started fundraising money to go to this thing, I got a generous donation of $1,000 which if I had followed the Lord, would have taken care of my tution and my bus ticket, but I wanted more. For two months I was striving to raise $4,000 opposed to $2,000. For some reason, after about a month or so, I had in my head that in order to go to the Institute I had to go to the outreach, but I was wrong. When the deadlines started coming, stress started forming and I found myself in constant prayer for the peace that kept being drowned out by doubt and worry. I couldn’t make the deadline and I felt my dream come down in shambles. As I sat before the Lord he said to me “did you ever ask me if you could go on the outreach?” I said, “You know Lord… I really didn’t, I’m sorry, I repent for that.” (By His great mercy He forgave me). The point is I learned how dangerous being out of the will of God is and how much I HATE it!!! Being in the will there is such favor and grace and mercy but being outside of it, is filled with anxiety and stress. A Horrible feeling. I love the way God teaches us, he knows our inter-most being so therefore, he knows the best way to teach us. I do not regret my learning experience, I still ended up attending the Wilder Institute. Although, I will say that from now on, I intend on staying within the Will.

– Love Shels<3


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