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IHOP-KC “WiLDER!!!”… Day 1

I know I’ve been talking so much about Wilder and IHOP. For those of you who don’t know IHOP is NOT the pancake house, it’s International House of Prayer in Kansas CIty. An incredible church right on the border line of Kansas City. Missouri. Crazy place for God to move right? .. Not really. This magnificent church hosts Holy Spirit in a 24/hr. prayer room at their mission base on Redbridge. For the internship we’re required 4 hours daily for the prayer room. Which, if it wasn’t required I would still do it. God has been speaking to me in incredible ways. I won’t go into detail but I’ll give a small recap of my trip. I received Sunday morning July 14th 2013 at 7 am… when we were suppose to be here by 5pm. Although it was way early, I’m happy that I came early, I got to go to the sunday service in which God spoke to me through, which he does anytime you go into his presence (:. Mike Bickle (the Pastor) talked about John 14, and the importance of prayer and reaffirming us that we are one with Jesus, the Father and Holy Spirit, and they are one with us. Good to be reminded of that because although we’re suppose to constantly walk in the Spirit therefore reminding us that were one, we don’t always do that; but that doesn’t make it okay. I tell you something happens when a pastor who has real passion for the gospel preaches a ‘simple’ message. He spoke with such power. I left that feeling more enabled and qualified to live as one with my God. After church I returned to the base and met seven new friends, in which God is going to use in my life to expand my community and therefore expanding my ability to spread the gospel. I’ve met more friends since the first day, but those seven are just the ones I met on the first day. God is moving here in incredible ways, I can’t say that enough. I feel as if he’s setting our whole future into motion. After I got checked in I met three wonderful people who I spend most of the day with. Becky, Taylor, Samantha and I hit it off immediately. Sam and Taylor had already gone to the Wilder Institute or SLP (from ‘back in the day’) They both decided to move to Kansas CIty and Taylor said once she did she knew this was home. It’s so inspirational to see how quickly God moves. We went to a coffee shop the ‘hot spot’ here in KC. I loved it, it was so cultural with coffee from Kenya and Ethiopia all of the way to a basic Chai Tea Latte, they had it all. I wish we had places like that in Las Vegas. After almost being late to our 5:00pm meeting Becky and I parted from Sam and Taylor. The rest of the night went so smooth, I met my roommates, we all got prayed over, some people received tongues (hallelujah), we unpacked and went to bed. Although the first day felt like day three the week is still going by so quickly. I’m both happy and sad because I feel as if I’ve know these people for soo long! BUT, I know before I know it, it will all be over. The one good this is that, even though Wilder Institute may end, what the Lord is doing in our hearts, can never be undone.


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