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D & I Denise and I

This is Denise. I talked a little bit about her on my Instagram. Seeing her is also evidence of the way the Lord is working in my life and in Las Vegas. She’s my ex co-worker from Applebee’s. The second I met her I knew we were going to be great friends. She’s not christian but I thank God for her patience with me, in my ignorance for trying to shove Jesus down her throat, when that isn’t even the way He does it… you know. I would say I’ve known her for a total of a year now. In that year she’s learned so much about herself, her life and what she wants. Although she still hasn’t accepted Christ into her life…yet, seeing her was a conformation of the power of prayer. Also, a conformation that God hears our prayers, which I know and believe because the bible says it, but when you see it in your life it reaches another scale of belief. There were a lot of personal stuff I was praying for in her life, that she’s seen breakthrough in. For the longest time I was praying “God just keep her safe and protect her” thus, knowing now that she’s happy and healthy is an incredible answer to those prayers. We talk and caught up on life and then went to starbucks. Upon seeing her I asked God what he wanted me to do or say and he said “just love on her”. Sometimes us being christian’s are blessings to others when we can just lavish them in the love Christ lavishes us in, but I don’t think others comprehend the blessing they are to us when we get to share that love with them, and can see them receive it. I imagine that’s how God feels about us. In worship it’s lovely being able to love God and having full access until the throne room or the Most Holy Place if you will, but I believe he delights in loving us and takes just as much joy in loving us as we do loving him. Crazy how God speaks through people, huh? (: He’s soo good!

Who has God placed in your life to demonstrate the love of Christ to?

Evaluate that part of you…. when Christ fills us up, his love is soo abundant, we can’t help but want share it with others. If your not I challenge you to take someone out for coffee or just be their shoulder to cry on, afterwards I do believe you’ll feel like Christ did when the bleeding woman touched his cloak. (;

Love Shels<3


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