Grace City UNLV

Just in case file

“Jesus Christ Is LORD over Las Vegas & UNLV”

While I was in Kansas City, MO the Lord also spoke to me a partnership with this incredible ministry full of incredible people. Just like most of my stories, this one also has a prologue. Going back to the beginning of the fall semester last year, I met Grace City UNLV, who are a church full of young adults who have come from a church in Virginia, for a church plant, in Las Vegas and at UNLV. I fell in love with them when I first met them, the Lord had them heavy on my heart continuously, over the past two semesters we grew in our relationship. Fall semester was me testing the waters, making sure they were biblical and seeing where they are as far as Jesus is concerned. Spring semester was me growing in relationship with them. Now being in partnership with them, having known them and spending time with them, I am extremely excited!! If God hadn’t spoken this over me I wouldn’t be doing it; not because I don’t want to, but that I don’t wanna be apart of anything Christ hasn’t spoken me into. We had our first meeting today and I have to say I am excited for what God is going to do this coming semester. I believe he has plans above our own, that he’s already has something planned for UNLV and he’s wondering if we’re going to cooperate and respond to his plans (: I AM EXCITEDDDDDDD! I will keep updates on what God is doing at UNLV. (:

– Love Shels<3


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