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I know, you’re saying “who is Jaime?”… I would be. Well she is this incredible woman that Christ has put into my life. I wasn’t going to share this story but I believe God wants me to, because he’s going to do something incredible in her life but first, the prologue. While I was in Kansas City, I felt God speak to me that riding the bus [the city bus, which I HATE! and if you know anything about living in Las Vegas, the city bus system in horrible therefore, riding the city bus is miserable! But] it is apart of my ministry, meaning although I HATE it! He’s placed me there. Coming forward to the day I returned home I saw this girl Jaime that I met on the bus a week before I left for Missouri. She’s had some issues with drugs that she’s still overcoming but God LOVES drug addicts :). Before I left for Missouri, I felt the Lord speak to my heart a word of wisdom and a scripture for her, so I wrote it down and completely forgot about it. When I saw her on Sunday I remembered the word and I gave it to her. I could tell she was excited to get it. I was excited to see her, because I was thinking about her earlier that day. When I saw her this time (because I’ve seen her another time in the past, since I met her) she was doing a lot better than the last time. We talked about her life and what’s going on in it and before we parted ways I got to pray for her. I am excited for the next time I see her, when I hear her say that God has completely rocked her world and she’s completely clean and depending on Him and Him alone. I’m believing it to happen, because Gods love is that powerful. I wanted to share this story for two reasons:

  1. As an introduction to the testimony that she will have once she has completely accept God into her life, because you know it’s the bad and the good that makes up a testimony.
  2. Seeing her I had to reevaluate… and repent for the way I’ve been treating my “no car” situation. Although I hate it, and God is changing my heart for it slowly, he’s using me in all areas and that’s ultimately what I asked for.

While at Wilder one of the students shared an incredible revelation that God gave him from the song “All is for your glory” by Cory Asbury. From the words  “Catch me up in your story, all my life is for your glory” He said he got ahead of himself; while at wilder, in the excitement in what God wanted to do in his life. It put him into a rush but as he pondered on these lyrics he realized that where he is right now in life is apart of the story, and if he’s to get a head to ask God to take him back some. I thought about that revelation as I thought about the bus situation. I’m not going to ride it forever, but I believe for where God has me in life right now, the bus is apart of the story and is all for his glory, which is ultimately why we live anyway, right (;

Maybe reevaluate your life and think about that. What areas in your life are you hating, that God is using as an area of ministry, for his glory or maybe even to teach you something? Ask him, he’ll bring stuff to mind.

Love Shels<3


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