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Hello Friends!!!

I want to first off apologize, for saying I’d be away for 21 days…. and being away for 46. I can’t exactly say why I choose to be away for 21 days initially, but I’ve been away for longer than that because Christ has been doing some crazy amazing stuff in my life, and also because of school. I haven’t exactly been able to catch up since it started. I’m going to try to fit in all that happened, in the past 46 days, in one blog post.


God affirmed his love to me. Which I believe is something that will happen continuously! because we’re insecure people and Satan constantly tests that, you know. He also elaborated on some stuff he told me in Kansas, City. For example, the college ministries I’m involved in, what he wants to do in my life as far as the future, the season I’m in and what he’s taken me through over the past year. It’s been an interesting time. It has been hard since school started to remember what he’s doing and where I am, but thank God he picks up where I lack. I feel as if he is truly taking me through responsibility and growing up for once. I have been so sheltered by my parents. I feel there are so many things I haven’t experienced on my own, and it’s hindered me from living completely dependent on Jesus. Therefore, two tuesdays ago, I moved out (which is apart of the reason it’s taken me so long to write).


As I said I moved out two tuesdays ago. I felt the desire over the summer, then while I was at WiLDER the desire was intensified because I wasn’t with my parents and I got to experience living without them. Once I got back I wasn’t focused on it too much, because I told myself that if I get straight A’s this semester, fall 2014 I could get enough scholarship money to move out and support myself, but God had different plans. One day I was seeking the Lord and moving out suddenly felt urgent. Then before I knew it I was living on my own. In a way I feel like that’s how you know it’s God because he’ll give you grace in that specific area, where you were never given grace before. I can say with confidence that if it wasn’t for God none of this would have never worked out. After I moved so many things in my life got easier. Last semester I felt as if God blessed me so much in areas that were pure difficult this semester, then before I knew it I was living down the street from the school. I love all of my roommates. Two are non-christian and one is christian (she just got saved :}) It’s hard to live in an atmosphere like that but to be honest when my mom and I first moved into my dad’s apartment, it wasn’t any different than this (if not worse) but I do believe God is using me to shape atmospheres.


For Grace City UNLV, we’ve been moving in the right direction. Before the group started we were meeting every monday praying for the group and for the people that come into it. On the first night there was a full harvest! All that we were asking for came to pass. Through that we’ve all been seeing the significance of prayer and the evidence of it which I believe has opened up another door to what could possibly happen this semester, because Holy Spirit is a gentlemen, you know. Thursday night college group has been good too! Every thursday has been unique. I feel like we never have the same people come into group, it’s always different. Different churches, different people and for different reasons. On a personal note, I’ve been dancing Thursday night which has been something huge that I’ve had to overcome (the insecurity in that). About a year and a half ago I had prophecies spoken over me with praise dance, but I was so afraid to do it because it was a place of vulnerability for me. Dance at UNLV has been spectacular! The first week of school I was all in! I believe in a way God was showing me the beginning of the semester where I could be by the end if I continue to abide in him. I’ve seen such progress and more confidence in my dance, which is such a conformation to me that I am doing the right thing. The unspoken rule is, if you don’t start dancing when you’re younger there is no chance of you making it, so why try. But there are people breaking that rule left and right.


This semester new passions have been birthed in my heart. The love for Pilates being one. My friend Carissa and I have been working together outside of school and I am finding the human body so fascinating. The muscles and the way it moves captivates me. I decided to add a pilates certification onto my schooling at UNLV. I’ll be there a little longer but it is definitely worth it. Carissa was telling me how much Pilates instructors make, and how high of a demand there is for pilate instructors trained in dance.

So much as happened this semester and this is only the fourth week, I can’t wait to see what is in store for the rest of the semester. Especially with Sanctified coming in November, I feel some really excellent things are in the works!


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