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John 1:3 – Expounded

“All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.”

– John 1:3

Man, let me tell you, GOD IS GOOD<3.

Today was the last day of the school of worship, and while I am sad it is over, I’m soo happy and blessed by what God brought out of it. God showed me so much of myself and how that affects who I am in the area of creativity. I’ve previously held back so much of myself (the self that he created) because of lies I’ve been believing. That holding back hasn’t brought excitement to my heart because he’s created me to like the things I like. One thing that He spoke to me through Pastor Zack’s wife, Rachelle Wechsler was.. and I’m being VERY transparent right now: she said “the Lord is removing thorns from your heart”. After she spoke that the Lord expounded on it, He said “creativity oozes out of you (the same way love oozes out of him) it’s who I’ve created you to be, but there have been plugs in the form of thorns that have been blocking that from happening, so when I remove the thorns, the creativity will being to flow all the more”, guys… it’s all about healing! Even better, I had to miss the last session because I had to go to a dance concert called: Afternoon of a Fawn (that’s NOT the better part..). (This is..) In the dance concert God was showing me sooo much of his heart, how worshipping him is just about being you. I must add that this ‘worshipping him thing’ is extremely important because we, as humans made in his likeness, are created to worship him, it brings joy to our hearts and his. So being in this concert he was showing me the details of what worshipping him in a secular community is all about. I have to tell you it was one of the most profound things ever. I felt like I finally got it. One of the choreography majors last semester made a piece that I thought was demonic, HAHA! but during this concert he was like “No, it’s just not what you’re use to, but you like it, admit it, and you can worship me with that too”. It’s about where we posture our hearts when we make our art. It can be weird, misunderstood, blah, blah, blah but if it’s unto God, it’s beautiful and will display his splendor (:

Love, Shels<3


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