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Encounter School of Worship

HEY Y’ALL long time no talk…. maannn do I have a story for you (: This Weekend (meaning Thursday, Friday and Saturday) is the Encounter School of Worship:


The Lord has ministered to me so intimately. Some of you know I went to the WiLDER Institute back in July and the Lord just showed me sooo much on the creative arts, how it’s not demonic! no form of it because ALL things were created through Christ and by Him and For him (John 1:3) and also that I have a passion for the arts. At first it was dance, then singing then art, then photography, then blogging and after that things started to connect where I had realized that I’ve been given a creative spirit anointing. Of course dance is my first love ❤ but that’s besides the point. BUT! through going to this school I’ve just learned so much, top 5 things I can think of are:

1. The Lord wants us to be worry free so that we can worship him freely without cares -Georgian Banov

2. We worship a BIG God, and “Christianity is suppose to be too good to be true” -Georgian Banov

3. We as creative people may create art that isn’t accepted in the church, it doesn’t mean we’re not suppose to do it, it just might not be for that setting, so go into the world and use it as an add-on to the ministry of reconciliation you’ve been given -Shawn Botz (reworded)

4. All our passions are God-given even if it doesn’t fit into regular view of the ‘christian gifting’ (whatever that is!) -Shawn Botz

5. We’re one with God, our form of art or expression isn’t God coming into us and taking over our hand and painting or dancing, etc. but we’re co-creating with God. To where he’s excited to see what we’re going to create with him, it ravishes his heart, in the same way we show our love to him through our specific unique form of art. -Shawn Botz (reworded)

I have to tell you God has be showing me soo much though this school. Especially being in a secular school and dance is probably one of the hardest areas of the secular world to be in. We see hollywood as an example of what the secular art world is like but no, really all the creative forms that exist belong to God, he created them, they’ve always been there, but the church rejects the ‘new’ so the demonic world embraces it and the enemy then is given a foothold. When in actuality if we embrace the form of expression the Lord is trying to show us, then we get to experience his love in new ways. I feel like- and I say this because I’ve experienced it- we reject so much of what’s God (and not knowing it) because we’re so terrified that something ungodly is going to seep in and make us ‘unholy’ when in actuality it’s Jesus Christ alone that sanctifies us and holiness is found when we learn to put God into all things, because we’re suppose to do all things unto him (Col. 3:23).

On top of all that the Lord has been showing me, I met an AMAZING dancer name Glenda Miller. She’s huge in the prophetic dance. I was soo blessed today by hearing her story and all the Lord has been showing her about dance. I feel like she’s gone through a lot of what I’m going through. Us creative people are Extremely sensitive, because it takes extreme vulnerability to minister to the world through your form of art [I can’t take credit for that either, those were the wise words of Shawn Botz]. Glenda was telling me her south african dance story and all that she studied, I was so blessed by it because it confirmed that God can and will take all that I’m learning and show me how to use it to worship him. For an example, school in general. This semester, in particular, I’m taking classes like Communications II: Interpersonal Communications and English 101E, and I had a few periods in taking these classes/signing up for them, where I was like “God like what am I ever going to use these for?” and he was like well “English is about writing, you’re a blogger and communications is about well…. communicating and you are in ministry. Take all things and use them unto worship to me, I’m using your schooling in all areas of your life.”

Therefore, I encourage you guys, the Lord has been showing me sooo much on this it’s continuing to blow my mind, but it’s because if you ask you receive, so if there is a section of your heart where you want to explore that, beyond the four walls of the church, and see what worship is really about, then ask him and he will put resources in your life to expound on that; rather a person, conference or himself. But I warn you, beware because what you ask for you will receive. (;

Sincerely, Shels<3


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