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  • Please let me know if I’m being judgemental cuz that’s the last thing I want to do, but I’m not understanding why new baby Christians who get in a relationship all of a sudden want to rush off down the altar as well as away from the Christian family accountability. Why the rush? Why the sudden decisions that can possibly make a huge impact on your new relationship with the Father. God blesses yes, but we have to be very careful not to mistake blessings for those self-motivated decisions that we make bc in our newly found relationship with God we still haven’t dealt with years of hurt, pain, loneliness, insecurities, unforgiveness, and
    Mostly how to just be with God for a
    Season. New believers need to be more patient with God and what He really has for them especially when a relationship follows shortly after. #justthinking
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    • Person 1:  You answered your own question. They are baby Christians.
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    • Person who post: I guess we as the body and family need to speak up our game with love then
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    • Person 2: Good thoughts here.
    • Person 3:  yeah, I’m with Person 1 on this one, they’re baby Christians and they haven’t learned to be with just jesus which is apart of the issue, in their minds he isn’t enough for them, yet
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    • Person who post: That’s true for the baby Christians which I know but there are also some older Christians who do the same. Either way new or old it’s something that shouldn’t be there and that is what saddens me.
    • Person 1: We need to be examples of what we are supposed to look like. Iron sharpens iron.
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    • Person 4: They do it for the very same reason they chose to accept Christ, because they’re hurt and longing for wholeness. They’re used to finding wholeness (even if just temporary) in a man/woman. let’s be honest we’ve all ran from the accountability of the church family because that accountability is what forces us to face the reality of just how broken we are. I don’t think you’re being judgmental but I do believe you’re not looking at how broken you once were and realizing that not everyone’s walk or run with Christ looks likes yours did. In order to teach other believers we need to not forget who we once were and the transitional period in which we all went through. Like Person 1 said, iron sharpens iron and sometimes we have to run after the Christians, new or old, that run away from the family. I know you’re heart is for the family to be united and I know that’s where this frustration is coming from
    • Person 2:  Person 4, I don’t think people come to Christ because of their brokenness, rather the loving kindness of God. I don’t think it’s healthy to focus our perception of how people are acting on our prior brokenness. We are new creations, no longer taking part in the broken nature that we were in. So to look at others through the lens of our past is to actually deprive Jesus of His full reward of what He did for us personally. That being said, every person is different and, as you said, we are a family. Some people don’t understand the importance or significance of unity with the body in some seasons of their life.
    • Person who post: Yeah Person 2, well said. I will never forget where I’ve come from or how I’ve gotten here or the growth I still have left to do but I do know the breakthrough that I’ve received wasn’t from looking at my past of brokenness it was accepting the reality of of my freedom today. Again, I don’t discredit the journey all Christians has to go through and the diversity of it. Reality is, new or old, Christians have the ability to accept the fullness of what God has to offer them today. And this posts was me being that accountability we are called to be in love. Thanks for your thoughts guys:) love ya
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