Vive La France: Bloggin’

Dear Bloggers,

How have you all been? I believe the last blog post I made was about February, so it’s been a while. Obviously the Lord is doing some things in my life, let me tell you all about them. This summer has been interesting. I had a hard semester so the Lord has been doing a lot of healing in my heart, while in the process opening more doors for me to walk through. I have always wanted to minor in French but never thought that I could. It was about 8 months ago my friend Britney went to Spain one semester with the UNLV study abroad program. After hearing so much about her amazing experience I just had to look more into it. This whole time I’m thinking the Lord isn’t going to bless this, it isn’t a missions trip, BUT looking at more information couldn’t hurt. Well the Lord totally blessed me through doing research and has opened so many doors for me to go to Lyon. At first I told Him “God, you know how important dance is to me, and I know what you’ve spoken over me, in order for me to go to France I need to find a good dance studio and a church”. Well within a month, I found a great dance studio and got connected to a few churches in Lyon. Two sundays ago we even had a french family from Lyon randomly come visit our church and dedicate their baby. This is only one of the many random conformations I’ve had about going to Lyon. I told myself this has to be the Lord. I distinctly remember that about 3 weeks ago I was praying and I had a vision of Lyon and the spiritual state of the city. It was crazy I’ve never had any experience like that about someplace other than Las Vegas. It’s so crazy how God cares about the small things and blesses the little dreams in our hearts. I truly believe the passions of our heart He’s placed there <3. After doing some research I found that Lyon actually has a Spiritual foundation. Once a pagan nation, offering sacrifices to demonic idols (like most places in the ancient times… including Jerusalem, unfortunately) got encountered by Jesus through some of His disciples from the province of Asia (where Paul and the other Apostles use to preach) after many came to Christ, there was persecution of the Christians – that being common in the Roman Empire. I truly believe that the Lord wants to resurrect the broken promises of that Nation. The French people have such a gentle spirit, and I know most people would disagree with me, but there is a gentleness about them that I believe the Lord has placed in the heart of France. He wants to cherish that and cultivate that.

I am so excited to visit Lyon. I believe the Lord wants to do something incredible!! I was reading Matthew 13 earlier today, and I just have to share this with you guys, it got me so excited to go to Lyon:

And they took offense at him. But Jesus said to them, “A prophet is not without honor except in his hometown and in his own household.” And he did not do many mighty works there, because of their unbelief.”

– Matthew 13:57-58 ESV

This scripture is referring to Jesus in Capernaum his hometown, because it was his hometown. Jesus did less miracles there than when he was in other nations. Understand my heart when I say this that I do believe that I am still called to do miracles and be hope to the people in Las Vegas. I think the Lord is going to do unexpected things through me while in Lyon. Though these are just my guesses, I know that only time will tell what will truly happen, either way I know it will be amazing, because the move of God ALWAYS is.


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