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Musée des Beaux Arts

In my first museum post about the Musée Gallo-Romain I mentioned this art history class I have been taking. Well the majority of our class time has been spent at this museum called “La Musée des Beaux Arts”. This has to be one of the most incredible museums I have ever been to. It’s located at Place des Terreaux and it’s one of the greatest museums in Lyon. It has about every kind of art you can imagine from Roman sculptures, to contemporary art, to renaissance art, to an expo of Jacqueline Delubac. This museum is about five stories high with two separate wings. Meaning, you go to one side of the museum and there are different pieces of art than the other side of the museum. Overall it’s a museum you can get lost in, and it’s worth it. I recommend taking a day and spending it there enjoying some great art. They even have a coffee shop and a gift shop on the top floor (not many people know that). I’ll be posting a lot of photos from this museum. So far it’s one of my favorites (:


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